July 15

my holla day

On my holla day i went to cyber bunker in shepp and when i was leaving the person who owns the place asked me if i had wanted to join the pokemon league there of corce i said yes. Thanks lads and ladets for reading. 🙂 POKEMON FOREVER 🙂 as you can tell just look at my profile pic.

October 5

My holidays

on my holidays I did a couple things. I got 3 new game ill list them for you.1 I got fall out 4.2 I got dying light.3 I got Lego dimension. I got 1 more bird named Lucy she’s a parrot $200 😐 any  way ill see you later by thanks for reading

August 7

Stuart Tripp

Stuart Tripp is a paralympian. He said that he had a car crash and was stuck for 10 hours. Then he went to hospital for 7 moths with his lungs collapsed and  his kidneys failed. he got sad so he stated to eat lots of junk food. He wade up to 115 kg. Then he got fit and became happy because he saw a psychologist. he built his own bike made from carbine fibre. Thanks for reading

May 26


I needed to work on solving subtraction story but now I no

Dillon has 84 lollies he gave 21 to josh and gave 50 to brodie how much dose Dillon have left ? =13